Pediatric Services in Southwest Florida

First Choice Kid Care offers a full range of services from infancy to young adulthood for all of your child’s healthcare needs. These include:

  • Immunizations
  • Vision & hearing services
  • Onsite laboratory testing
  • Same day appointments


Keeping your child’s vaccinations up to date is vital to their overall health and wellbeing. Newborn babies are immune to many diseases because they have antibodies they got from their mothers. However, this immunity goes away during the first year of life. If an unvaccinated child is exposed to a disease germ, the child’s body may not be strong enough to fight the disease. Before vaccines, many children died from diseases that vaccines now prevent, such as whooping cough, measles, and polio. Those same germs exist today, but because babies are protected by vaccines, we don’t see these diseases nearly as often.

Immunizing individual children also helps to protect the health of our community, especially those people who cannot be immunized (children who are too young to be vaccinated, or those who can’t receive certain vaccines for medical reasons), and the small proportion of people who don’t respond to a particular vaccine.

Vaccine-preventable diseases have a costly impact, resulting in doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, and premature deaths. Sick children can also cause parents to lose time from work.

Full Service Lab

Pediatric patients are unique and require special attention, not only in the first few days of life but throughout childhood and adolescence. First Choice Kid Care staff is committed to providing quality care for pediatric patients. With First Choice Kid Care, you’ve got a lab that parents can trust for gentle results.

Onsite Pharmacy

Family Health Centers offers onsite pharmacy services at our Downtown Ft. Myers, Estero and Cape Coral Del Prado offices. Our providers will fill your prescription during your child’s appointment and in most cases, it will be ready for you to pick up before you leave the office. You can also refill prescriptions online by visiting our online pharmacy at